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This website will be periodically updated and will also include additional references to other immigrants groups not featured in the booklet (printed version).

Learning Suggestions

After having the opportunity to read this website or the booklet, the students (individually or in groups) could answer the following questions.

≫ What is the most important fact you learned about the history of immigrants in Cincinnati?

≫ How are immigrant groups similar and how are they different?

≫ Who normally opposes new immigrant groups and why?

≫ In what ways do you think Cincinnati would have been different without immigrants?

Annual Essay Competition 

Hispanics Avanzando Hispanics, in partnership with the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati USA and Interfaith Community Engagement, invites you to participate in an annual essay competition on the subject of immigration. Students will submit their learning and/or direct experiences of their ancestors, neighbors or friends in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Winners will received scholarship awards.